Es Vedrà Primary School

Es Vedrà Primary School
St Agustí, Ibiza

The project starts from the need for a large extension of the existing school. An important challenge is to create a new volume integrated in the environment, marking a new access. Another one is to carry out the construction works while keeping the school running.

The proposal is a new building parallel to the existing ones, so that a new courtyard can be created between them, open to the south and to the north, crossed by an overpass that becomes the new entrance building as it approaches the street. The new entrance contains the vertical cores and a system of ramps that solve the accesses, freeing the center of any architectural barrier.

On a functional level, the existing buildings are used for preschool education and more versatile and administrative uses, leaving the rest of the program for primary education, kitchen, dining room and gym in the new building. The new buildings are integrated with the existing ones using materials and finishes that give unity to the whole, with a set of colors and plans. Similarly, integration in the rural environment and typically Mediterranean vegetation is sought.

LocationSt Agustí, Ibiza
Completion date2011
Surface3.377 m²
Budget4.076.309 €
PromoterIbisec, Govern Balear
ConstructorFerrovial Agroman SA
TeamNoelia Asensi, Eric Herrera, Jesús Rodriguez, architecture. Monica Simoes, graphic design. Xavier Aguado, structure engineering. Toni Roig, facilities engineering. MIF, quantity surveyor. Lourdes Grive, photography.
Espacio y Confort núm 46.