People are our most valuable asset. Together we form a flexible team, with a brave attitude and passionate about architecture.

At mipmarí we avoid the traditional schemes and dynamics that define the functioning of most architecture offices. We prioritize a working atmosphere defined by trust and cooperation and we rely on professionals and collaborators who are committed and enthusiastic about their work. Mipmarí is led by Txell Manresa Traguany, David Pareras Aceves and Toni Marí Torres, who graduated from the Architecture School of Vallés 1996-97 and founded the firm in 2006, after having worked together since 2001.

Each new project represents a blank sheet, a new opportunity for the team to work together, seeking the best technical and creative solution for each case. Freeing ourselves from aesthetic tendencies that reduce creativity and ideas, we opt for flexibility and adaptation to each new client, any environment or challenge posed.

Txell Manresa Traguany
Toni Marí Torres
David Pareras Aceves


Irene Gascón
Elena Poropat
Carla Mercadé
Ilyass Erraklaouy
Kateryna Grechko
Flóra Kaszás
Alicia Torres
María Velázquez

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