mipmarí architecture & design.

From Barcelona and Ibiza, we are a studio rooted in the Mediterranean and its culture, committed to people and the environment.

In today’s rapidly changing world, we want to contribute to the creation of an environment that is beautiful, comfortable, functional and sustainable, for the society of the present and future.

We fall in love with every project

We are seduced by technical challenges and opportunities to seek new creative frontiers. At mipmarí we develop public and private interventions with a strong social and ecological awareness, both of new construction and heritage restoration.

High quality architecture

We develop each of our projects following three essential pillars which, we believe, underlie high quality architecture: an adequate adaptation to the physical and cultural environment, maximum functionality for the user and, finally, constant aesthetic, technical and artistic exploration.

Six Senses Hotel Ibiza
Can Jeroni Cultural Centre

Our constant intention is to find the balance between creativity and the technical solution; functionality and beauty; tradition and contemporary lifestyle; environment and building.

St Pere de Ribes Town Hall
The Madina Yabisa information Centre
Isidor Macabich Street & Square