St Pere de Ribes Town Hall

St Pere de Ribes Town Hall

The origin of the town hall building goes back to the year 1727, when the municipality acquired the land to build a hospital. This was finally built in 1804. In 1833 it was used as a town hall and in 1891-93 the construction works were carried out by the architect Bonaventura Pollés Vivó, giving result to the current appearance of the building in its noblest parts.

The scope of action encompasses three buildings: the town hall building, the Can Riba building and the annex building

The first two buildings were vacanted in the summer of 2012. The reason for the eviction was the affectation of the wooden structure of the main building by a plague of termites and woodworm.

To the right of the town hall building there is a third municipal building, called annex building, which is still partially in use on its second floor. This was not part of the initial commission, but was incorporated during the execution of the project.

The construction works are divided into three phases. The first phase is the one that is finished and in operation. This phase is the main one since the first and second floor of the the town hall building, have been refurbished and its surface expanded on the ground floor towards the west, the result of the demolition of Can Riba. It is worth mentioning the reinforcement of the structure and the new spatial distribution as highlighted interventions. A new vertical core is created inside the main volume, which solves its different levels, as well as the ones of the annex building.

The second phase consists in the renovation of the annex building (former Peace Court) and the second floor of the town hall building for administrative uses.

The third phase consists in the urbanization of the new plaza in the back of the building, providing a new access through the north face.

LocationSant Pere de Ribes
Year1st Prize competition 2013
Completion date2018
Surface1.765 m²
Budget2.319.227 €
PromoterAjuntament de Sant Pere de Ribes
ConstructorCots i Claret / Closa–Alegret SA
TeamMária Canel, Pilar Torres, architecture. Bernuz-Fernandez, structure engineering. Proisotec, facilities engineering. Toledo-Villareal & Eva Villa, quantity surveyor. Manel Gómez, site security control. Ferran Valls, rendering. Rehabilit SL, moisture and wood control.