La Bobila Social Housing

La Bobila Social Housing
Barberà del Vallès

We start from a volume that is very defined by the urban planning, which exhausts the buildable limit. It was difficult to solve six apartments per floor with three useful facades and a fourth one dividing plots. We get 31 apartments with two bedrooms, one double and one single. The remaining 5 apartments are one bedroom, all of them on the ground floor.

The central position of the circulations allows us to take advantage of the maximum surface of useful facade, and therefore, of natural lighting and ventilation for all the rooms. The holes predominantly present a vertical geometry, the most appropriate in the case of east and west orientation. The exterior window blinds close up vertically to the sides, while at the same time protect from the sun.

The layout of the facades, one of them dividing plots, has forced us to find creative solutions in the distribution of the spaces and the optimization of natural lighting.

We repeat successively the typology distributed along the longitudinal facades. We place stairs and elevators in the center of the building and connect them with a corridor occasionally invaded by some volumes, which bite the steps, creating a more domestic space in the access area to the apartments. We change the color of the volumes on each floor and we design two large skylights that provide zenithal light in the corridor, crossing the floor slabs through glass carpets.

LocationBarberà del Vallès
Year1st prize young architects competition 2002
Completion date2005–2006
Surface3.215 m²
Budget1.661.966 €
TeamXavier Salvador, architecture. Proisotec & Daniel Serradell, facilities engineering. Xavier Aguado & 9ars, structure engineering . MIF, quantity surveyor. Starp Studi, photograpy.
PublicationsHabitatge protegit metropolità 1995–2003
TC cuadernos, Concursos de viviendas 2003
Finalist & publicated at 4th Biennal Architecture of Vallès
Exhibition Habitatge públic a Catalunya Qualitat, Innovació i Cultura de Servei