Manlleu Library and Archive

Library and Archive

The building for the new Manlleu library and archive is located on the land occupied by the old “La Piara” factory, which is included in the remodeling project for the entire sector. The regulations that define the new arrangement trace a plot of linear blocks of different heights, all with sloping roofs.

We understand that the library building, despite respecting volumetric parameters, must be able to differentiate itself from the neighboring buildings housing units. It is necessary that the representativeness that such an equipment demands begins in its image towards the city. That is why we design an outer skin that responds to the regulatory requirements and guarantees the intended volumetric continuity. This abstract and permeable envelope, which aims to set the counterpoint with the domestic architecture of the environment, gives us the freedom to sculpt a second volume inside which is less constrained, and at the same time is pushed towards the back of the plot, enjoying its free space and that of the square which delimits it.

It is a set of wooden slats that, while filtering the direct sunlight, project the diffuse light to a greater depth. The latticework of the massive skin perform the same function, integrating themselves into the plan of the facade. The composition of the buildings in two volumes around a central courtyard, allows for cross ventilation on all floors, including the basement, while spatially relating all parts of the building to one another. The interior volume of the block opens up with large windows towards the public space in the south, where the staggering of the building itself generates the necessary eaves for a correct sun protection.

Year3rd Prize competition 2008
Surface2.727 m²
Budget4.500.000 €
PromoterDiputació de Barcelona
TeamCarlos Ortega 72 dpi rendering