Portmany Gardens

Antoni Marí Ribas “Portmany” Gardens
Dalt Vila, Ibiza

The project is located in the urban center of Dalt Vila, the oldest part of the city of Ibiza, which has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site since December 1999. The area of ​​intervention is delimited by walls belonging to the triple Arab enclosure as well as by medieval walls, all of them belonging to defensive structures within the Vila Superior, a privileged place for its spectacular views over the city and the port.

In 2008 a first phase was carried out, including the recovery of the historical gradients of the access to the casemate, the containment of the existing fillings on the wall and the consolidation of the crowning with a typological parapet solution.

The intervention restored the visual of the defensive line from the medieval period and recovered the space of the primitive enclosure from the 16th century

The aim of the second phase of the project was the conservation and enhancement of the existing defensive structures discovered throughout the construction work of the first phase. The value of the Renaissance wall in Calle Santa María has been enhanced, while the pedestrian access has been smoothed out until reaching the archaeological zone. The plaza is a multipurpose open space with benches and surrounded by greenery, where all circulations are concentrated. The vertical core for the access to the Casa de la Curia from the plaza has been remodeled.

The stone, main material of the performance, has been used both for the retaining walls as for the new access to the Casa de la Curia, as well as for the deactivated concrete pavements, exposing the texture of the stone-based aggregate or ceramic.

LocationDalt Vila, Ibiza
Project2006 Phase 1 / 2011 Phase 2
Completion date2008 / 2016
Surface860 m²
Budget420.218 €
PromoterConsorci Eivissa Patrimoni de la Humanitat & Ajuntament d’Eivissa, Rosa Gurrea, Carlos Sáenz de Valicourt
ConstructorPalma2mil SL / Refoart SL
TeamMaria Velázquez, Alicia Torres, Eric Herrera, architecure. Xavier Aguado, structure engineering. Juanjo Marí Casanova, Glenda Graziani, Anna Artina, Ángeles Martín, archeology. Sandra Castellano, quantity surveyor.
PublicationsAAdipa European Award for Architectural heritage Intervention.
Selected to the International Biennial of Landscape Architecture, Rosa Barba Prize.