Jacint Verdaguer Square

Jacint Verdaguer Square

The first project decision is to change the concept of an “island” to a “peninsula” type plaza by eliminating the road that runs along its south side. The integration of a pre-existing protected element in the center of the square is an important challenge, since the new centrality is displaced to the south. A large displaced circle gives rise to a new central space, with other semi-circular elements orbiting around it.

Organic geometries that orbit around a new center, give rise to the various areas and entrances of the renovated Jacint Verdaguer square

A pedestal, a playground and green parterres are part of this universe around the new centrality. The square becomes a living space, but it allows you to cross it naturally in multiple directions. Porous pavements of various textures are predominant, while the new vegetation acts as a visual filter, creating a human and natural space in the city center.

Completion date2009
Surface1.850 m²
Budget425.000 €
PromoterAjuntament de Granollers
ConstructorRiera-Blanch SL
TeamNoèlia Asensi, Sergio López, architecture. MIF, quantity surveyor. Imogep, facilities engineering.
PublicacionsBook, Green Urban Landscapes, Editorial Monsa