Montgat social housing

Turó de Can Sastre
Montgat, Barcelona

The competition calls for a new building of 67 social housing units in the area of Turó de Can Sastre, in the city of Montgat, near Barcelona.

The proposal seeks to achieve the NZEB building standards, with the use of passive systems mainly, and to have non-hierarchial, inclusive and flexible housing. The central atrium functions as a greenhouse in winter and allows natural cooling in summer. It is also used as a support in the pre-treatment of air renewal, heat recovery and the reduction of energy demand to a minimum. We design horizontal housing units facing two directions, related to the atrium as to take advantage of its full potential.

The project encloses part of the park within an energy-capturing and energy-recovering atrium, allowing for the solar radiation to penetrate also to the most compromised floors

Their configuration is flexible, with an industrialized central core that contains all the permanent equipment and the necessary facilities of the house. This allows a free floorplan with pieces of equal dimensions around it, so that the house may adapt to different types of family units.

We design thinking about the life cycle of materials in order to avoid waste and we use proximity materials with low environmental impact and mixed construction system made of steel, concrete and wood.

LocationMontgat, Barcelona
YearIdea competition 2018
Surface8.085 m²
Budget7.680.750 €
TeamIrene Gascón, Elena Poropat, Marc Torrellas, architecture.