El Dorado

El Dorado

Real estate development of 34 housing units in El Dorado sector in the city of Cambrils, which is developed in two units that share common spaces, a group of 24 and another of 10 houses

The location is set on a high point over the promenade and the beach of La Llosa, in a neighborhood of single-family houses. Given the geometry of the site, it is solved by a group of semi-detached houses located in a semi-circle around a large community garden area with a pool and children playground. The resulting houses have a constructed area between 135-160 m² and a private garden.

The volume is straight and simple, with a flat roof to house solar and air conditioning installations. Responding to the different orientations, sun protection is provided by means of fixed or mobile elements. The construction has been resolved using a traditional concrete structure, although the geometry and the dimensions allow for a transition to industrialization or prefabrication.

The houses have been designed following criterias of flexibility and non-hierarchization; designing the house through spaces with similar characteristics, which allow it to be used in different and changing ways over time.

YearBasic Project 2019
Surface5.214 m²
Budget5.189.030 €
PromoterSolvia desarrollos inmobiliarios. SDIN.
TeamIrene Gascón & Francesco Ogliengo, architecture. Oriol Vidal & Víctor Climent, facilities engineering. Bernuz-Fernández, structure engineering.