Affordable housing

Affordable housing

The plot is located in a residential environment of small-scale buildings, intended for single-family housing. The only building that does not meet these criteria of land occupation is the senior residence on the neighboring plot to the north. The concept of the proposal is based on two blocks that seek to make a transition between the two types of land occupation.

The project consists of social housing, with the purpose of satisfying the temporary needs of disadvantaged groups of population

The position of the buildings within the plot responds to the search for the maximum sun exposure in each of the housing units, respecting both the building limits and the need to have units with a double orientation, allowing cross ventilation and compacting the circulation in the common areas. This way, one building is facing the main street, giving rise to residential units facing northeast and southwest, while the other seeks the orientation of the public space of the neighboring plot, helping to delimit the free area of ​​the senior residence and the intervention itself; its orientation is southeast and northwest.

We chose to oversize the housing units of each of the two blocks and by emptying the units in excess, generate a porch open to the green area on the ground floor. At the same time, through the disintegration of the volumes on the upper floors, we obtained social spaces that enrich the common areas.

YearFinalist competition 2007
Surface2.876 m²
Budget2.588.400 €
TeamNoelia Asensi, Eduard Trias, architecture. Monica Simoes, graphic design. Carlos Ortega 72 dpi rendering.