Social Space

Social Space
La Gornal

The study of the functional program of the social premises leads us to think that flexibility and multifunctionality should be the main characteristics of the project. Spaces that respond adequately to various requirements of occupation and use.

The possibility of being able to build on the entire plot on the ground floor allows us to place the patio in a central position, turning the interior spaces towards that controlled exterior.

The patio becomes an element of the project that helps us improve the energy performance of the building, with the idea of ​​basing sustainable construction on the design. It also facilitates cross-ventilation for the entire center while maximizing the area of ​​direct natural lighting. The connection of the patio with the entrance hall and the configuration of the hall itself allows a simple reading of the interior composition of the building and facilitates circulation between the different spaces. The patio is also understood as an extension of the rooms on the ground floor.

The project as a whole seeks to offer an austere image, both due to budget requirements and because it is a public building, where dignity is found in its function. This is underlined by simple and apparently imperfect materials, such as exposed concrete for the pavements and ceilings, corten steel for the facade cladding and the patio furniture.

The needs of the project lead us to define the central courtyard as the true soul of the building

LocationLa Gornal
Completion date2009
Surface290 m²
Budget440.315 €
PromoterAjuntament de Castellet i La Gornal
ConstructorConvifer SLP
TeamGorka Álvarez, Noèlia Asensi, arquitectura. Proisotec, instal·lacions. MIF, pressupost i direcció d’execució. Xavier Aguado, estructura.