Can Coix Nursery School

Can Coix Nursery School
St Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza

The program is resolved with a building that breaks into volumes to preserve the protected trees and the Mediterranean character of the place, allow the transition between interior and exterior and resolve the ventilation and natural lighting, from a playful effect of lights and shadows nuanced by the pine trees.

An external transition access plaza is created between the street and the school, at the height of the pine forest. Inside, an access distribution space is designed, which serves for all the units of the program. The project aims to recreate the typical setting of the Mediterranean street, as a place of encounter, relationship and children’s play. It is a luminous and fluid transition space between interior and exterior, which aims to enhance the benefits of education through collective activities.

The five classrooms are placed and grouped by age in the southeast façade, as to take better advantage of the orientation and save the views on the neighboring school. In the northern part of the project, filtering the noise pollution of the street, the rest of the community and services program is developed. It works in plan and section, in order to create a passive bioclimatic building, understanding the roof as another facade of the project.

LocationSt Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza
Year1st Prize competition 2008
Completion date2010
Surface616 m²
Budget982.180 €
PromoterConsell Insular d’Eivissa
ConstructorEstel ingenieria y obras
TeamNoèlia Asensi, Eric Herrera, Alicia Torres, Jesús Rodríguez, architecture. Monica Simoes, graphic design. MIF associats &Vicent Serra Ribas, quantity surveyor. José Juan Marí, site security control. Xavier Aguado, structure engineering. Lourdes Grivé, photography.
PublicationsRealidad Mapei, nº10
Linksbooks, Archello