Puigpelat Town Gate

Puigpelat Town Gate

The project is located in the old access to the 12th century walled enclosure of Puigpelat, popularly called “El Portal”. The municipality is located on a hill above the plain of the Alt camp, with magnificent views on the Tarragona countryside.

This is a refurbishment intervention of the outer space of the portal (double stone arch, Roman and Gothic) that saves the gap between the town and the lower fields. This access was quite degraded by the passage of time itself and by a precarious drainage network that has been damaging the existing pavements and retaining wall.

The slope of the old stairs has been noticeably softened by stepped ramps that are born from the two ends of the wall. This has a curved geometry with two extreme accesses and a wider central viewpoint at the top.

We emphasize the powerful geometry of the wall through an inclined crown of steel that becomes a comfortable support to contemplate the vineyards.

The natural stone of the place, the pavements of brown concrete pavers, seeds plaster and steel cuttings, integrate chromatically with the environment. These materials have been chosen especially for their durability and low maintenance. A careful lighting and minimal landscaping consolidate a pleasant space without unnecessary artificialities.

LocationPuigpelat, Tarragona
Completion date2007
Surface300 m²
Budget120.225 €
PromoterAjuntament de Puigpelat & Diputació de Tarragona
ConstructorFulgencio Villar SL
TeamSergio López, architecture. MIF, quantity surveyor. BM Lighting Design.
PublicationsSelected to 5th Biennal Architecture Alejandro de la Sota.