Ibiza City Walls

Ibiza City Walls

The walls of Ibiza are some of the most important samples preserved in the Mediterranean of the fortification system with bastions, in its peak during the second half of the 16th century. The seven current bastions correspond to the works of the period between 1576 and 1588.

The fortification must be understood as a true military machine, as a technically sophisticated architectural body. The palette of materials used is reduced to stone, sandstone and slabs, with different types of grouts and lime mortars, filled with soil in the inner side of the walls and the bulwarks, all of them functioning as retaining walls.

Our intervention becomes completely transparent, without distorting the essence of the monument

The project aims to document the state of conservation of the sections of the fortified enclosure. Based on the generated documentation, some of the main tasks to consider are the volumetric reintegration of the missing parts, the sealing of fissures and cracks and the elimination of vegetal elements.

The process of repair of the pieces of sandstone in the corners and in the cordon will be carried out in two ways. In some cases for structural reasons, and in others to improve the reading of the monument. Indicators are placed in all the volumetric reintegration in order to differentiate the original parts from the intervention.

LocationDalt Vila, Ibiza
Year1st Prize competititon 2015
Completion date2020
Surface30.591 m²
Budget2.654.508 €
PromoterAjuntament de la Ciutat d’Eivissa, Consorci Eivissa Patrimoni de la Humanitat, Fundatur.
ConstructorArpa Patrimonio S.L.
TeamMarco Aurelio Esquembre, archeology. Miguel Louis Cerceda, consultant architect